Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

So you came... and tore things up...and ruined my weekend because we were busy prepping for the storm instead of out enjoying our time off!  OK. Enough venting.  I will say- I am hoping that everyone and everything in the Tri-State Area is fine.  I am spending my time waiting for the she-devil to rear her ugly head on my laptop, shopping, browsing, pinning...writing...wait- it actually doesn't sound much different than a usual day.  

Anyhoo- I saw a clever picture depicting Hurricane Sandy as Sandy from "Grease" she changed her look and got fiercer and fiercer.  I thought about what the 2012 version of Sandy would be like.  So- this post is inspired by her.   The Sandy we like- not the other one.  (boo.)

1. Killer heels   2. Vegan faux leather shorts  3. Cool shades  4. Tough gloves  5. An edgy belt      6. A scarf for your neck (of course)

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