Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mixing and Clashing Patterns: Get the Look

All the rage if you dare: Mixing prints and clashing patterns...this is not for the shy or the weak at fashion heart, but you can go in slowly and subtle, or dive in head first with a pattern frenzy.  Whatever suits your style and personality- either way - own your look. 

These are some of my faves:

{Remember this?  I <3 Carrie}

{Mixing like colors and prints at Milly}

{Clashing Prints via her too!}

{Sohl in the City Mixing & Clashing Patterns Inspiration:}

1. and 2. The Subtle Mix : TOP and SKIRT

3. and 4. The Girly Mix: TOP  and SKIRT

5. and 6. The Bold Clash: TOP and JEANS

How will you mix???


  1. I'd try 3. and 4. "The Girly Mix"

  2. I bet you would rock them Nikki!!!

  3. nice blog girl!!!!!
    lots of love,

    like -

  4. I'm slowly experimenting with mixing pattern. How do you feel about mixing flower patterns...too risky?

  5. Go for it Lizette just keep your floral colors complimentary and patterns that play off each other. One bold and bright- the other floral subtle and smaller. Let me know how you do! Thanks for your comment too!

  6. If I tried any of that, I wouldn't be able to get away with it.
    What are "the rules" of putting 2 patterns together?

  7. Gymnart I know it can be tricky but if patterns have a similar color story and do not compete they will work. You don't want patterns that work against each other because they are too similar in size and pattern. Stripes and florals work and ploka dots and patterns work. Mixing florals need to be similar in background colors and different size patterns. Hope that helps! Thanks for your comment!