Thursday, August 21, 2014

{This Week}

Well we are trying to adjust to our new living quarters. It's amazing to me how quickly I have forgotten how living in an apartment feels like. It was only about four years ago that we were apartment living on the Hudson River. I cried when we left, I swore I would miss my views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building.  I did for a while.  But I didn't miss taking the elevator down to walk Coconut.  Getting packages at the front desk is so intrusive.... it's my business how much I shop!  It's funny how a few years in a house really puts everything into perspective.  And so now, I am ready for a house again...and we have six months to go.  Aye.  It's going to be a long winter...

So to get back to feeling like my old self I needed to dress the part. After all Coconut's condition has improved slightly and so I'm thankful for the extra time we have for her. It's put me in a much better mood and frame of mind.  I think Coconut likes that I am back to my old self too.  

So this is how we spent the past week: 

Finally feeling like myself again...studded jeans from AE, flats from Nordstrom,
denim look sweatshirt from Target
and clutch from J.Crew

Coconut is a fighter, red blood cells are up from the week prior- hope it continues...

Flowers just make me happy

So does this fish cookie from Whole Foods...delish!

Have a great weekend!