Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Wrap-Up

 I have off from work this week, so naturally it's flying. I'm hoping to cram in as much as possible during my free time.  Go to a restaurant I haven't been, see some friends, and one funny dude in particular. I'm talking about Ron Burgundy of course. James Marsden is in the movie to boot? The perfect way to end the year 2013 I say. Speaking of ending 2013, these are some of my Instagram shots and my nifty statigram video. It was easy as pie to have made. Statigram does it for you, emails it to your inbox and voila! Your moments captured in a cute little package. Check out mine here!  Make yours at too.

The ultimate weekend apparel- booties and jeans

Coconut getting feisty at my mom's house

I finally joined Tumblr!  
Follow my inspiration at

My latest find at Forever21…a little "Jack Tripperish"  no?

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Some new things I FANCY

I stumbled upon this cheeky website for all things new and hard to find.  Gadgets that clean your windows, app magnets, cool band-aids and things that you didn't even know existed.  Not to mention some pretty cool fashion.  Check out when you can and start making your list.  Just a warning though- you will want things that you never knew you wanted or even wanted before….just sayin.

just saying…