Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspiration: Love Story

So while channel surfing I came across the classic chick flick of all time. Love Story.  Doesn't matter which part I catch it in, I have to stop and watch- simply for one reason.  Nope. Not Ryan O'Neal.  It's because of Ali MacGraw.  How was it that the clothing designers in the 70's put together outfits so chic that they transcend through decades and generations is beyond me?  I found myself mentally piecing together outfits in my head.  School-girl meets Boston Babe Chic- luxurious coats, deeply hued stockings, plaid skirts, turtlenecks and loafers.  Seems like the perfect inspiration for the upcoming chilly weather. 

I stopped myself from watching it all the way through though- I have become in my (ahem) older age- intolerable of watching sad stories.  With enough stress and sadness in the world- why add on another weeping cry?  (And yes friends- I have been known to weep while watching movies).  So instead - I rather remember the lovely scenes, the romance, the clothes, Jennifer's hair long and pin straight parted down the middle wearing a fabulous coat and hat.  With that,  I quickly changed the channel but I must confess, it was nice to reflect on my the classically handsome Oliver saying to his father, "Love means never having to say you are sorry..."

Aahhhh...isn't love (and fashion) grand???

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Write Your Own Love Story:
What you need: A hands free Bag for city walking, Strong Brows are a must this Fall Love Story, Penny Loafers to go with your plaid skirt and stockings,  Riding Boots=Cold Weather Chic Love, A great Coat to keep you fashionably warm, and a Sweater with Collegiate Stripes (to go with the Pennies)
Love Fashionably,


  1. I liked this post! I'm ready to shop...fall clothes are my favorite. I will have to steal your idea!;)

  2. Thanks Marisa! Happy shopping! Let me know how you make out!

  3. Tis the season: boot season is the best!!

  4. Really liking the blue striped sweater :)