Friday, October 25, 2013

{ I-Message}

Almost another year gone and while scary, I try to think about what I can do to make sure my year was worthwhile.  Like go somewhere I really love or haven't been.  Make sure I Spend time with people I love.  Laugh a lot more and not to sweat the small stuff.

Then there are the smaller things that one may forget about, the less obvious.  Kind of like little I-Messages to myself. Things such as:

1. Not beating myself up for missing a few workouts.

2. Trying at least one of the ideas I find on Pinterest.

3. Paying it forward more, i.e. buying someone a coffee or paying their toll... (Someone who doesn't look crazy though).

4. Getting dressed up more for no reason, why not wear heels to the movies? Ones with rubber soles though so you don't slip on the buttery floor... (I tell myself it's butter).

5. Splurge on chocolate, like from Jacques Torres or Laduree

6. Stop watching the news everyday, it's depressing. 

7. Wear better work out clothes, it really helps when I'm not wearing my faded Smokey the Bear tee.

8. Go to more French/Ethiopian/Morrocaan (etc.) restaurants... I know my stomach will thank me, my husband maybe not so much.

9. Embrace the haters, there's a reason behind their attitude; it may not really be me...and if it is...who cares?  I'm going to see Burt Reynolds!!!!  Sorry...."Golden Girls" moment. 

10. And finally I want to continue to set goals for myself, and when I reach them treat myself accordingly. Preferably with a trip to Bergdorf's. 

Why not?

Image via Pinterest