Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Halfway through February and I think that the rest of the NorthEast will agree with me that this Winter has just become down right obnoxious.  A "3 Part" Nor'Easter is pretty much ruining any prospect of a decent weekend...(Movies anyone?)

Snow is the new norm rather than sunshine, being stuck inside is our only option, we've pretty much become bears.  So there's only eating, drinking and online shopping...
(Oh My!)

(Sorry)...But I did do a little (ok-a lot) of the above, my Instagram feed pretty much sums it up!

I snagged these from Barney's Warehouse

Martini's to chase the snow blues away...

The most adorable stickers and labels from Anthropologie

Be careful out there and 
enjoy your weekend!


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