Friday, May 2, 2014

{It's Been a While}

So after a good 14 days of feeling like a rag doll I am finally emerging out into the world. The flu got me again.  I thought I escaped it being that it's April... Almost May actually.  Anyway, no use dwelling on it. I'm hoping that by this weekend I will be back to my old self and not have to take any kind of medication. (Mostly because I really want a glass of wine) But I digress, just being healthy is more than enough.  I always say the one thing I appreciate is the ability to breathe through my nose.  It's the little things that matter...

I did a little research too as to why some people fall ill (in bed like I do) with the flu and why some don't.  Washing your hands of course is key but I read that antioxidants are where it's at.  Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Cartenine and the ones you get from fruits and veggies.  Something about fighting those free radicals.  According to one study, people who were exposed to the flu and did not get sick were tested and had a high amount of antioxidants in their blood. SO...with that said-I just ordered two bottles from Swanson Vitamins.  Alpha Lipoic Acid and a Super Purple Fruit and Veggie Blend.  What can I say?  I'm desperate.

And in the meantime I am beginning to feel like myself again... I actually left the house (sans sweats)!

You know the phrase "Look good-feel good"?
yeah it didn't work...heels came off.

My sick buddy- she stayed with me and snuggled

My latest felt so good to eat!

This has been more my speed the last few days...

Here's to {hopefully} a sick free few months!


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