Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{In Conclusion}

2014 wasn't one of my best years, it was stressful for the most part with a few good events sprinkled here and there. I'm not sorry to see 2014 go and I pray that 2015 isn't as hard on me. But such is life and the key to living with these dramatic ups and downs is resilience. I'm working on building mine up. It's taking a lot of prayer, a lot of wine and a whole lot of retail therapy.

If 2015 is listening... I'm ready for you.

~ Michelle

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


November was a very trying month for me, besides my grandmother dying, our little Coconut had another relapse and became anemic again, and on top of that I burned my hand - (second degree!) trying to be fabulous and wax my eyebrows.  Note: Do not use at home wax kits.

But slowly, I have healed, both physically and mentally (somewhat)...I'm still really nervous about our Coconut but I am doing my best to keep her healthy.  For any anemic readers out there beef liver and beets are the best remedies for anemia.  I have seen a slight change in color in Coconut's eyes and skin, she is not as pale where she should be pink.

For a brief moment I was too upset to shop, I felt nothing was more important than health and why bother looking cute?  Little by little I have been dreaming again though, cybershopping and window shopping.  My latest score are these adorable little booties that go with all of my skinny jeans and sweaters.  I'm hooked!

Jeans from Topshop and Sweater from Banana Republic

In love with my Matt Bernson booties! 

My favorite past time: Hanging with lil' Coconut and browsing through

Here's hoping the month gets better and better...