Monday, August 24, 2015

Bright Skies

Things have been quite an emotional roller coaster lately.  Not knowing if Coconut's chemo was helping her has been stressful.  She has good days and not so good days, which can leave me feeling helpless.  I try to think positive thoughts, not get so upset and stressed out but every now and then I need a break.  Caring for a sick loved one is hard.  Person, pet, parent, child.  It takes an emotional toll and my heart goes out to people who are going through this now and who went through it.  Being a caretaker is difficult.  You go through so many emotions.  Happiness when they are doing well, sadness when they are not.  Anger- for even be in this situation and guilt wondering if you are doing enough and for getting angry in the first place.  Needless to say I have been praying a lot, watching movies that make me happy (like a little escape), treating myself to a glass of wine-even if it isn't the weekend (Hey wasn't there a study that said moderate drinking was healthy?) and leaning on support from others.  That really helps.  Even an encouraging word does wonders (Coconut can do it! and What you're going through is a lot- hang in there).  Those words mean so much.  Thank you to everyone who has asked how we were, said everything will be ok and just said we were in their prayers.

It really helps.  It keeps me looking toward the bright skies ahead.

A beautiful summer sunset always makes me reflect on blessings

On good days I get so happy that I shop a little.
This anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick  is divine.  I keep ordering new colors.

Speaking of, this is anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick sepia, a sultry mocha brown,
perfect for Fall city nights

My new IPhone 6 Plus sonix case...they are all so cute, I could not decide which one to get-
but opted for the one that fit me best (of course)