Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Lady-Like...

Anthropologie Ruffled Shell
In a world where less is more- sometimes it's tres chic to cover up and well...look like a lady.  Especially with the temperature dropping, showing a little less skin is in.  Buttoned up collars, ruffles, knee length hem skirts.  All paired with textured tights and knee high boots. 
Very sexy librarian....and getting me very excited for Fall!  A brightly colored coat to finish things off.  And what's great about all these pieces is you can where them together (Sexy Librarian) or wear the pieces seperately, like the ruffle top and coat with jeans and booties (Fall Princess).  Or a frilly dress with a structured jacket for work or an important business meeting (Tough Cookie).  Many, many ways to have fun with these items, and be fashionably lady-like!
Loft Layered Feathers Dress
Anthropologie Cuffed Booties
Anthropologie Rose Mid Length Skirt

Anthropologie Ruffled Pea Coat

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