Monday, December 19, 2011


With a little help from New Yrok Magazine I discovered some "New Favorite" and "On my list to go" places on the Lower East Side.  Some clothing, some cool stuff, mostly good eats...but there is so much to explore!  Though it isn't as esthetically beautiful as say the West Village or Uptown by Central Park, it's got an edgy, lived in neighborhood vibe. 

Graffiti on some walls, that I think are intentionally left there, some not so clean streets, leave the Lower East Side a safe haven to their local residents.  But tourists are coming.  It's targeted as the up and coming spot and with great neighbors such as Nolita and Noho- it is not that hard to see how.

These are some of the places I have got my eye well as my teeth....such as The Dressing Room- part shop/part bar!  GENIUS.

The Dressing Room

SugarSweetSunshine Bakery

Dolce Vita

Spitzer's Corner

Doughnut Plant


Just a few of the gems on the L.E.S....

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