Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Goods

I needed some wardrobe and beauty refreshing. Makeup and fragrance are the perfect pick me ups... I don't typically use women's fragrance... I fear smelling too much like the next gal. So I try my hand at Men's fragrance and always score. (As long as my husband doesn't like it first- then I graciously leave it for him.)

However once I started to shop- it was hard to stop. (TYPICAL....)

So, I treated myself to a couple of other goodies I stumbled upon- take a peek.

Sunglasses by Coach

Eyeshadow in Jest, Lipstick in Gel and Paint Pot in Painterly
all from MAC Cosmetics

Heels by Jessica Simpson

The newest addition to my Men's fragrance collection:
Marc Jacobs

P.S.- The next post will be an outfit post with these killer blue JS heels...having fun pairing them with all sorts of colors!

Have a great weekend!
Xoxo - Michelle

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