Sunday, May 13, 2012

Inspiration: {Nature's Keepsakes}

We can find inspiration in everything - I love incorporating beautiful things from the earth into my look. There is so much beauty out there... and so many ways to enjoy it. These pictures are of items I have that I bring out every so often. It's nice to highlight the special things that you have once in a while- show them a little love. Especially when they are from loved ones.

Sterling silver elephant ring holder I got when
I first got married almost 14 years ago
Pink Sapphire ring- my 5 year anniversary gift

Leaf and bark pendant {old}
(From Bloomingdales)
White Opal necklace
(Gift from my father)
Quartz stone (gift from my mother when
she visited the Grand Canyon)

Seahorse pin {old from Arden B}
Coral necklace {old Handmade}
Gold Anchor
(Gift from my father)


Let the environment inspire you


  1. Love the gold anchor from your Daddy, always wanted one, cherish it. And adore the nautical look!

  2. Thank you Dara! You need an anchor too- sailing is in your blood!