Friday, June 1, 2012

Vacation Nation

Planning our vacation has gotten me in the mood for tropical breezes, drinks on the lanai and bronzed skin. My mind is there already though I still have a ways to go: but in my hastiness I thought about what I would bring along with me- and share with you in case you were planning a fabulous getaway too! Here's to us- Vacation Nation...

Summer Florals that inspire:
I love these colors! 

The essential beach bag...
and scarf to tie (wherever)
I love these options too:

Your favorite worn in sandals
(for lots of walking and shopping)

The long flowy dress and hat to keep you cool
in the sun
I love the print on this maxi dress:
This hat is lovely too:

All you need:
A calming mist to hydrate skin;
 The best mascara EVER! Click here:
 Face scrub for even skin;
Bronzer and lip balm

Happy Vacationing!
Take lots of pictures

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