Wednesday, August 1, 2012

L'OREAL Love List

Yes, I work for L'OREAL and Yes, I am privy to trying new and exciting products.  I am not going to lie- for the first time in long time, I can honestly say I enjoy my work.  I also love blogging, and bringing you guys the information I get makes me feel like I am sharing the wealth (of Fashion and Beauty that is).  And while I do have some higher end department store favorites, there are some pretty fabulous products that you can find right at your local drugstore.

 Hey- why pay department store prices for virtually the same product?  Here's the list:

1. MASCARA that brings out your eye color

2. LIPCOLOR that nourishes

3. For when your eyes are puffy and need a LIFT

4. I swear my lashes grew after a month of using this SERUM

5. This POLISH got me just because of it's name- plus it's Summer Yellow color

6. ANTI-REDNESS For those big red swollen pimple days or if you suffer from Roseaca

Because you're worth it


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