Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Latest on Instagram

My husband makes fun of me now... "Are you going to Instagram that?" I chuckle to myself because well- actually I am.  I love Instagram.  For one, it makes me feel like my own professional photographer, second - I get to share cool pics with people all over and see inspirational photos of theirs too. There are some really talented people out there. I'm just glad that people like to share the beauty that they comes across daily. It gets my creative juices going and makes me want to find beauty and intricate details in everything I see.

My little Coconut on her adirondack chair

Top by H&M
Shoes by Zara
I think I need these too:

Top by JCrew (That I found on sale for $20!)

Hi-lights for the Summer

Trying to beat the heat and look presentable....getting more and more difficult!
Clutch and Pink Pencil Skirt (on sale) from JCrew as well
This one works too:
Wedges by Jessica Simpson


Happy Instagraming!