Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snow Day

There is something about snow falling that makes you feel like a kid again... (minus the fact that you have to still get up and go to work, warm up and clean your car, watch out for idiot drivers on the road)...ok so maybe now snow is more of a headache than a pleasure. However,  it's also a good reason to bring out the cute hats and gloves and all the other fabulous snow essentials.

And just like falling snow can be so pretty (watching snuggled up from inside your home of course) - getting fashionably dressed and snow ready can be just as pretty too.

1. Mixed Material Gloves  2. A comfy wool coat to run around in  3. Something in velvet 
4. A faux fur snood    5.  Booties to play in  6. A cheeky sweater
Stay snuggled

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