Friday, November 2, 2012

Weathering The Storm

So we made it it's time to rebuild and be thankful for the little things that make us happy.  I was thinking about what I would need if I was limited to buying only a few essentials to make it through the winter and limited my price.  Staples to carry me through another storm, another power outage and a celebration when everything went back to being normal. You really learn to appreciate the basic necessities.  And you realize how spending more than you have to is a luxury that should not be taken lightly.  Many cannot spend now because they are trying to recover what was lost.  Sometimes you have to learn to be content.  And sometimes when you do want something new, it feels good to be frugal, and get a great deal.  You don't have to sacrifice style though if you want to pay less.  You just have to do a little research.  You can always accomplish the look for less.

This is my Winter Essentials List Under $200:

1. A cozy fair isle sweater  2. A great parka  3. A fab pair of  go-to booties  4.  A cool pair of sunnies (the bigger the better) 5. Heels that dress up everything   6. A great carryall
Stay warm friends

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