Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Style Star

What is it with celebs? They make a trip to Whole Foods so chic, a walk through the airport fabulous and a red carpet look effortless.  Sure they have stylists, and make-up artists, hair stylists and much more disposable income.  Well - I guess that all helps.  With that said- they still inspire many and send a lot of us running to the mall.  My faves? Lately I have been loving Jessica Biel and Olivia Palermo.

Jessica Biel (Google)


1. Silky Blouse  2. Lace Detail Dress  3. The cutest Faux Fur Purse  4. Lace Heels  5. Faux Pom Headband  6. Dainty Pearls

Olivia Palermo (Google)


 1. Peplum Blazer  2. Peplum Dress 3. Glitzy Heels  4. Bangles   5. Clutch

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  1. Love the opposites: snow queen and black swan! Olivia Palermo looks divine...