Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Flings for Under $100

Nothing like a non-commitment purchase.  A trend is not something you want to spend a lot on.  On top of which Spring is pretty much non-existent these days.  Hello 2 weeks and then Summer?  So trying out new looks can be daring and a waste if you spend a lot and it will just sit in your closet.  Take it from someone who knows...(My friends and family benefit frequently from my shopping habit.)  So- if I were going to buy a few things to update my look this Spring season and keep it budget friendly- this is what I would buy...ahem:

1.  A bright pair of flats  2.  A teeny bag with BIG print  3. A girly dress  4. White skinny jeans  5. A tribal maxi dress  6. Floral jeans  7. A cute sweatshirt for chilly nights
Fling on...

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