Sunday, June 2, 2013

Going back to Cali (I don't think so)

I'm sharing with you my overwhelming urge to visit California.  The L.A. Area in particular: Silver Lake, Melrose, Santa Monica, you know- where everyone is seen and hipsters chill.  I don't think I would trade it for my beloved New York but I would like to see and feel how the other coast lives (just a little). It doesn't help that the entire day of HGTV's House Hunters episodes are centered all around LA.  It's feeding my Cali monster.  I may get there and not be impressed.  My mother warned me she was so disillusioned with Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive.  When she got there, her heart sank.  (She still swears the only thing worth seeing is the Napa Valley). I'll probably wind up feeling exactly the same way.  Until then, I have this bi-coastal affair going on.  I think I need to work on quenching my desire by this time next year.  That's if I haven't moved on to something else already... It happens... Frequently!

Dream with me...

        Santa Monica Beach

         The Santa Monica Pier

    Silver Lake CA

     The "Hipster" area

    Melrose shopping destination
(images from Google)
Till next time hipsters


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