Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summa Summa Summertime

It's here finally! And it came with a vengeance! We are on day 3 of a heat wave and actually it feels quite nice.  It somehow feels relaxing.  Not to mention I was starting to develop a hunchback from being curved up and cold.  The hubby and I got our backyard ready, our grill is primed, our furniture is out.  I have been fiercely pinning recipes for refreshing Summer drinks.  I also gave in to my relaxation monster and gave notice at my second part time job.  It was time, I wanted my weekends back.  Though the extra money was nice, the sunshine is calling and I am coming! I have visions of walking the city streets with iced coffee, strolling the beach with gelato and sipping white wine on my deck. Yep- those are my Summer plans in a nutshell.  I've already got some of my Summer gear ready...

 The sweetest skirt that reminds me of a...
                         peppermint candy

  Striped Keds for Summer strolls

               My new loves...
           for lovely Summer night evenings

Till next time friends,

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