Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This week on Instagram

Summer finally feels like it's here although it brought along with it a bunch of bursting rain clouds.  One day of sunshine leaves me nostalgic and wanting more. Then we get a downpour for 2 days... That leaves me well, blue.  Either way I have been desiring a trip to somewhere - my little long weekend to Myrtle Beach later this Summer is not cutting it right now. It's too far off and way too local.  I am in desperate need of a plane trip... First class would be lovely. (Sigh).

Until then, I have kept myself busy with work of course and a little shopping here and there.  And of course there's always my sidekick Coconut.  She and I like to chill out together until the hubby gets home.  We take in a little sun, watch a little tv and due a little home/office work.  

So this has been our week at a glance on Instagram.

    This candle sweetens up our house

    The newest addiction to my collection

         My new city walking sandals

      I found some great recipes in here

        My sidekick- giving me the eye

Till next time friends! Enjoy your week of sunshine (or rain)

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