Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Cute Mommy

Today my mom turns another year older and though she is not a fan of aging, (I mean who is?) I have to say she is handling it quite well.  Don't ask her how old she is though, my mom is very "a lady never gives her age" and till this day lives by that.  She doesn't look her age though.  Even with the stress of life, and trust me we have had some doozies, people can't believe she has a grown ( daughter.

Of course she has those moments of "I should have done this" or "I wish I had done that" but she still has goals of crossing a lot of those things off her list. That's why I love her zest for life, how she demands nothing short of the best and how much she opens up her heart. She is my voice of reason, my go to person for life advice and my cheerleader.  What else could a daughter want?

And when people say that we look exactly alike I am flattered, for my mom is and always will be extremely beautiful.

Brooklyn, 1980

Have you hugged your mommy lately?


  1. XOXO's to Mommy #2! <3 Mon

  2. I only hope my daughter writes this about me someday. Your mom is an inspiration! xxoo