Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{A New Year}

A new year to better ourselves, a new year to make and meet new goals.  A new year to try new things, create something beautiful and make new memories.  I'm kind of glad to see 2013 go, it had its challenges, though I am not new to those.  I have emerged stronger and wiser from this year.  I am not going to be gullible and think that 2014 will be without some downs.  I will look forward to the ups though.  I promise myself to remember to be grateful for what I have, things can change in an instant.  I promise myself to be content with the now, whatever it is I am doing in that moment and with what I have.  Life is precious and so many don't have the chance to enjoy it.  I promise myself to see the funny in everything I possibly can, and to try to see the silver lining among the darkness.

Most of all, I need to remember whatever is due to come to me will come, I have to be patient. I have to concentrate on living in the present and stop thinking so much about the future, for fear this new year will pass me by.   

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The year is yours, what will you do with it?


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