Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Summer!

We are already a week into Summer and it feels every bit of it. It's lovely really, I am not complaining. I am welcoming the heat, the sunshine and the humidity.  The sad thing about the first day of Summer is that it's the longest day of the year and then everyday after that gets a minute shorter in daylight. It's like a countdown back to Fall... Ugh! Let's not talk about it!

Anyway soon it will be July and I am looking forward to some time off from work.  There is a lot going on right now and I need some down time, mentally and physically. It's all exciting stress though.  We just went to a beautiful event last week, met up with old friends and spent a lot of time in the sun...(I have the burns to prove it!) all in all a lovely week and the perfect way to kick off the Summer!

This is my week in a nutshell...

A sea of umbrellas at an International Convention at Metlife Stadium

My latest selfie...I was on my way home from the above convention

Confetti blooms I treated myself and our home to after being away so long 

Staying hydrated with delicious Coconut Water and keeping cool with my little Coconut!

Till next time friends!
Stay cool

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