Thursday, August 21, 2014

{This Week}

Well we are trying to adjust to our new living quarters. It's amazing to me how quickly I have forgotten how living in an apartment feels like. It was only about four years ago that we were apartment living on the Hudson River. I cried when we left, I swore I would miss my views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building.  I did for a while.  But I didn't miss taking the elevator down to walk Coconut.  Getting packages at the front desk is so intrusive.... it's my business how much I shop!  It's funny how a few years in a house really puts everything into perspective.  And so now, I am ready for a house again...and we have six months to go.  Aye.  It's going to be a long winter...

So to get back to feeling like my old self I needed to dress the part. After all Coconut's condition has improved slightly and so I'm thankful for the extra time we have for her. It's put me in a much better mood and frame of mind.  I think Coconut likes that I am back to my old self too.  

So this is how we spent the past week: 

Finally feeling like myself again...studded jeans from AE, flats from Nordstrom,
denim look sweatshirt from Target
and clutch from J.Crew

Coconut is a fighter, red blood cells are up from the week prior- hope it continues...

Flowers just make me happy

So does this fish cookie from Whole Foods...delish!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{No where to go but} Forward:

Amidst everything else going on in my life- my husband and I decided to throw a move in there.  I must say that it's true that moving ranks high on the list of stressful lifetime events. Close to starting a new job and losing a loved one. I'm not quite sure why it's so stressful.  It didn't help that Coconut was very sick the week prior and I had to worry about her and how she adjusted to her new surroundings...(She has adjusted by the way and is still eating and enjoying life so we are happy).

  We didn't move that far from where we were either, but I think it's this in between phase that is the killer.  Knowing that in 6 months or so we will have to move (again) out of this apartment and into our new house.  The thought of packing everything up again is looming over me like a dark ominous cloud.  But it has to be done.  And I'm sure once we are settled in our new house, buying new furniture, decorating, this will be a distant memory.  (Pictures of our new home and furniture will be up on the blog!)  I only hope that the itch to move again doesn't come as quickly.  But who am I kidding? I'm not a creature of habit.  I crave change, despite the stress it brings.  Besides... Sohl in the City in the Country will be cute but for so long.  Yes, did I mention I will be living next to a farm? Me living near a farm...(aye) I hear New York already beckoning...

Our last home

The living room


Dining room (which our buyers bought from us which means time for a new dining set!)

So in the meantime, we are in limbo...let's hope for a smooth winter.  Any snow means delays in construction and Lord knows by February I will be ready to leave my temporary abode!

Until next time

Saturday, August 2, 2014

{In My Heart}

As you all know, one of the biggest loves of my life is my little Coconut.  She has been with my husband and I for almost 10 years, through many moves, many new homes, she has been a trooper.  She just rolled with us and did not care about anything as long as she was with us.

Well, it's with a broken heart that I write about her.  She is very sick again, and unfortunately her sickness outsmarted her medications and she is losing her fight.  I cannot imagine my life without her, it is going to be quite difficult, and so I will be taking a little break from blogging.  I need time to focus on her and the days she has left.  I am quite numb still about it, I have cried so much that I feel I have used up all of my tears.  But somehow, I generate more and they flow.  I already miss her and I am not quite sure how I will adapt to life without her.

We are moving again, and it feels strange to think that she may not be moving with us, or be with us very long.  I knew this day was coming, she is a dog and I know they have limited life spans.  But she was and is my best friend.  People who are not dog owners and lovers will never understand the bond.  Dogs are quite smart, they know you inside and out and can read your heart.  Coconut knows I am worried about her, I try to be positive but my heart ache comes right through.  She knows she is sick. And I think she is ready to let go.  She put up a brave fight for such a tiny little dog.  I am very proud of her and will never forget her.  Ever.