Saturday, August 2, 2014

{In My Heart}

As you all know, one of the biggest loves of my life is my little Coconut.  She has been with my husband and I for almost 10 years, through many moves, many new homes, she has been a trooper.  She just rolled with us and did not care about anything as long as she was with us.

Well, it's with a broken heart that I write about her.  She is very sick again, and unfortunately her sickness outsmarted her medications and she is losing her fight.  I cannot imagine my life without her, it is going to be quite difficult, and so I will be taking a little break from blogging.  I need time to focus on her and the days she has left.  I am quite numb still about it, I have cried so much that I feel I have used up all of my tears.  But somehow, I generate more and they flow.  I already miss her and I am not quite sure how I will adapt to life without her.

We are moving again, and it feels strange to think that she may not be moving with us, or be with us very long.  I knew this day was coming, she is a dog and I know they have limited life spans.  But she was and is my best friend.  People who are not dog owners and lovers will never understand the bond.  Dogs are quite smart, they know you inside and out and can read your heart.  Coconut knows I am worried about her, I try to be positive but my heart ache comes right through.  She knows she is sick. And I think she is ready to let go.  She put up a brave fight for such a tiny little dog.  I am very proud of her and will never forget her.  Ever.

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