Tuesday, January 13, 2015


   Ah yes- 2015.  So many hopes, so many dreams in the years past.  Don't get me wrong- I'm still hoping and dreaming... I'm writing (check out sohlinthecitybehindthecounter.blogspot.com- and yes that was a shameless plug). I'm still blogging, though my posts have been a little irregular,  (bear with me please!) The husband and I are also furniture shopping for the new house, (pictures coming soon!) YEP there's lot of things on my plate - including what seems to be an endless assortment of cookies.  

   But all I'm really hoping for this year is for some peace of mind, a little break from stress (I know I know- keep dreaming) and my loved ones to be healthy. Sure a beautiful pair of shoes or two (or three) would be nice, so would a gorgeous handbag.  But I digress, I'm thankful that right now I am flu free, Coconut is still fighting and my family and friends are doing well. 

I'm not scurred 2015... But I'm watching you! 

~ Michelle

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