Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good Riddance March!

March has been trying for us. We moved not into our house, but into my mom's house again, yes again. New construction can be a beast. Throw in tons of snow and below freezing temps and you have a perfect recipe for delaying a house. Nothing we can do. We can't complain though, we are enjoying having a built in dog-sitter (thanks mommy) and having the luxury of saving a little more money the next two months or so.

With that said the husband and I have been treating ourselves to little pick me ups here and there. And along with constant praying for nice weather and a smooth closing, we are doing a bit more furniture shopping. Nothing like buying for a new house you don't live in yet!

In the meantime...

Imagining where I'd put these gorgeous blooms from Whole Foods...

A fun jelly bean treat from Wegmans for my husband and I,
he's got quite the sweet tooth!

My new favorite fragrance, a little pricey - but heavenly!

Wallpaper ideas...do I dare do a charcoal wall somewhere in the house?

Can't wait to show you pictures of the house!  Hopefully soon!


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