Wednesday, June 24, 2015

{Our House, Our Home}

Little by little we are making our house our home.  There is still the task of painting- no wait, there is still the task of picking out paint colors. And I'm still wondering if I am adventurous enough to wallpaper a few walls. But nonetheless, each room finally has furniture in it, now it's about fine tuning and putting little finishing touches... Like chandeliers.

Coconut is quite happy with our furniture purchases 

Finally feeling organized and it feels good!
Shelving from Ikea

The front room, which should be a dining room, will be a bar- yep.

I never was so excited to make the bed before! Pillows and headboard from Pier1

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello June!

This past week has been a blur. We finally moved into our new house and while we are thrilled we are also exhausted! It's nice to finally have a place to decorate again, a place to make our own and to of course shop for.  I developed a color crush on Coral and thanks to West Elm and Homegoods I was able to get my fill.  This past week wasn't all about the new house though- I needed to take a break from the craziness and pamper myself a little too, and so did my husband.  That's where the pedicure and the Yankee game came in.  Pedi for me, Yankee game more for him...

All in all- my Pre-Summer has been off to a good start. 

I snagged some of my new crushworthy pillows from Homegoods and West Elm 

Fringes galore - I'll be wearing these with jeans and Summery white dresses

My little Coconut is digging my Summer go to bag from J.Crew

At The Yankee game, much needed beers and baseball!

More photos of the house coming soon!  Xoxo!