Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lay Off Of My Blue Suede Shoes....

Studd Suede Peep Toe Platforms
  My first time shopping in Soho was (and still can be) a life altering experience.  I remember stumbling onto the Stussy store with my best friend Dara.  We had just spent the day with her family museum hopping,  and we were in desperate need of retail therapy.  Well, we were in awe when we first stepped onto Prince Street.  Till this day, Broome Street, Mercer and West Broadway still don't disappoint.  But lately, when I walk down Broadway in Soho, I almost feel like I am back in Garden State Plaza.  Chain store after chain originality!  Until TopShop emerged.  This London based retailer does not do wrong.  Kind of like a British version of H & M, with a punk twist.  Platform heels, neon sweaters and funky accessories.  No wonder why celebs stay shopping in TopShop!  Which brings me to the blue suede shoes, very Kim Kardashian- not Elvis by the way.  Perfect for a night out with a hot dress or just to kick up a simple pair of jeans.  I saw a few other items that tickled my fancy, as well as could go with my blue suede shoes!

Gina Dress
Frill Blouse

Striped Kimono Top

TopShop 478 Broadway, New York

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