Friday, October 28, 2011

For All You Sexy People......

I love clothes....but it's time to give proper credit to what goes on underneath.  Not to mention what you wear to go to sleep (my 2nd favorite pastime).

Intimates- Slips, Undies and PJs deserve a little love too...these are some of my favorites:

3.1 Phillip Lim Paisely Bralette

House of Mai Knot Sweater- barneys

Airmail set- Anthropologie

Passerine Romper- Anthropologie

Dusk Tones Set- Anthropologie

Loup Charmant Ruffle Bloomer - barneys

Nightie Night!


  1. Even though I can't wear this stuff. I love it and I love that you have started this blog for you and all the fashionistas out there. You have you finger on the pulse and I bet this blog is going to get a lot of attention. Happy, happy Happy that you have found your niche! xoxoxox Val

  2. As far as your fav sites? What about Rue La La? I have gotten some fab stuff from them cheap. They just had Ippolita Jewelry on there but still way out of my price range for now ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your support Val! I really appreciate it! And it means a lot because you told me YEARS ago to start a blog! I wish I had listened then! As far as my favorite sites- I do like Rue La La but my absolute faves- Anthropologie, Etsy, Bluefly and Barneys....especially for inspiration!