Monday, October 24, 2011

The Loehmann's Over/Under Part 2

Part 2

So we left off with a great pair of DKNY booties...there were a lot of nice options in the shoe department but my eye went straight to the True Religion High Heeled Loafers...for $120.00 down from 180.00- I was liking the discount.

Next up- the Mens department- they had a lot of great pieces for the man in your life.  Including fabulous jeans like this pair of Hudsons....originally $200!  Down to $130.00!

Stop the press because when I saw this buy- I thought there had to be a defect somewhere....but no defects...CASHMERE.... for just over $100???  Men's soft plush cashmere sweaters....too good to be true.  But there they were. 

And to get to the Mens department you have to pass the Handbags....well my heart went a flutter when I saw a whole rack of Blush colored Marc Jacobs bags...

And beside that, a glimmering sea of Michael Kors bags...fabulous totes in Gold and Silver Monogram print...the perfect work tote bag.

These buys were fantastic but the last segment- Coats and Jackets is the best of them- the biggest score- I think any fashionista would agree...

Part 3 The Finale is next....

Happy Shopping!

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