Thursday, January 19, 2012

Etsy + Vintage = Micslovespink

It's no secret that the expert online shopper is well aware of  There you will find tons of clothes, jewelry, shoes, home goods and more from independent and up and coming designers and stylists.  What I really love about Etsy is how easy it is to find vintage pieces and new peices with a vintage feel.  Items look one of a kind- so there's hope of not having the embarrassing run in with your carbon copy. 

One way to kick up your ensemble is to add a nice piece of jewelry, a fabulous brooch or necklace can send an ordinary outfit into the realms of extraordinary.  Take a look at some of the pieces from Micquels Maddness Clothing...

Lizard Brooch

Bow pin

Vintage Cameo

Deer Brooch

Green & Cream Pendant

Online Etsy store:

Happy Etsy shopping!


  1. I have been addicted to etsy ever since my engagement! It is seriously perfect for wedding planning! Especially since I'm going for a vintage 1950's feel!
    Luvv, Leigh B

    1. That is so exciting Leigh! I am sure it is going to be wonderful! Can't wait to see pics! ;)