Friday, March 16, 2012

In The Mood For...

Hello friends! I don't know about you but the change in weather gets my shopping gears going!  Along with a spray tan, I've got quite a long wishlist of goodies on my mind.  But as much as I like to shop I have to pace myself.  I started slow and steady last week, as you will see in future posts, a mix of home goods and fashion goods.  I'm stocking up on necessities right cabinet refills and such.  I became a fan of one or two of them instantly!  They will be in rotation....

I also fell head over heels (haha) over a pair of shoes...I will be on the hunt for many things to pair them with!

 Hope you're enjoying our "Preview to Spring" weather as much as I am!  Till next time....

1. Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer (Why did I not know about this before?)

2. The first sign of Spring, a pretty little white flower among the dry leaves

3. Lancome lipstick in Candy Rose - a sneaky pink- looks bright in
the tube but goes on soft and smooth

4. My latest lovers, Pink Weave Heels from Asos -
click on this link if you love them too: