Sunday, March 11, 2012


I can't help it- I am a lover of all things cute.  Girly cute, cartoony cute, anything cute.  If your 6 years old daughter loves it- chances are so do I.  My mother knows this about me, my husband accepted it and my friends know what to get me when it's present time.  But can you blame me?

 1. Hello Kitty Plate -Nerd Collection {Too cute to eat off of}  and 2. Hello Kitty &Friends Make-up Case {for more than just make-up for me}(both from  3. Floral polka dot hair pins from  {For whenever} 4.  Espejoa mini dress from  {with a pair of bright blue flats...and because anything from Anthro is a must} 5. LIP DELIGHTfrom SpaceNK {love the packaging} 6.  Purple Butterfly and Flower Round Glass Perfume Bottlefrom Beauty Encounters {I just want this on my dresser for looks!}

I have more cute things to come but we'll stop here- don't want to put you into Cute Overload...

Till next time friends...xoxo Michelle


  1. Loving the perfume bottle!

  2. Aren't they Megan? I am a sucker for cute!

  3. I love the orange dress! So gorgeous!!


  4. The last thing is adorable, whatever it is! (though it looks like perfume?)

  5. I agree Angela! I love almost everything from Anthro!

  6. Supernovachick- it's a perfume bottle disguised as art- isn't it lovely? Would dress up our dresser for sure! ;0)