Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mi Comedor

I'm still fine tuning my dining room, looking for pieces to finish the look I'm going for... Pottery Barn meets Anthropologie? If that's possible? We'll see.
So far this is what I've got- finished product yet to be released. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The fabric of my 2 side dining chairs

Wall decor that I can't part with- it was my Dad's

My new chandelier from Pottery Barn
(I love it)

An homage to NYC of course, (a recurring theme in our home)
I snagged this painting
from Bed Bath and Beyond

A "shabby chic" kind of tray from Target
that sits on our buffet to hold interesting
bottles of liquor
(very important)

Till next post my friends!
I'll keep you updated on the dining room progress too
and how everything comes together...


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