Thursday, June 14, 2012

Window Shopping

A few things I'd like to get my hands on soon... I kind of lost my shopping urge for a few weeks or so...Isn't it funny how the way you feel changes your daily/weekly habits?  With my brain swirling around I really just wanted to shop for a flight to I don't know where- little by little my mood has picked back up and I am on the shopping mend. This is how I begin my journey back... Hope you like them too.

A new Summer bag
Get your Tory on:

For a night out (Maybe Miami??)
Get this Metallic Dress here:


A color block skirt to throw on with whatever...


Love this whole look- bright yellow sandals
and all:

Because I feel like even my new desk needs a pick me up
Get Squirrely here:

Now let's see what I actually come home with...
Stay tuned...

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