Friday, July 20, 2012

For The Men

So it's time to give the dudes a little love- I mean, everyone does love a sharp dressed man.  Though it seems like Men's clothes can get a little repetitious - they too can have a little fun with their wardrobe.  Have you seen JCrew's catalogue? One word. Gorge. 
Then you have the Celeb guys that seem to do it right all the time.
Such as: George Clooney (Natch), David Beckham, (ahem) and Ryan Gosling (Go ahead Eva!)

 I am definitely inspired.  (wink wink)

George Clooney
(Image from A Question of Style)

David Beckham
(Image from

Ryan Gosling
(Image from Midwest-dressed)

Sohl in the City's Man:

This was fun by the way...

Till next time

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