Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cozy Wozy

The chill in the air is bringing on my desire to wrap myself up in luxe cozy fabrics, warm fuzzy sweaters and wraps.  I know there is still a chance for Indian Summer type days, in fact this weekend is looking pretty sunny and almost Spring like.  But before we know it, it will be hat and mittens time...so why not be prepared?  Like I always say...there a time and place to shop...all the time and every place!!!  (Ok maybe not every time and every place...but almost...) Hey a girl can try right?


1. A sweater with a cute creature  2. A faux fur trapper hat 3. Thick lush leg warmers (yes they are back - for some at every Winter's return!)  4. Mukluks with an edge 5. A sweater coat 6. A pop of color with a cashmere scarf
Stay warm!


  1. Can I say, I just want to jump into this whole collection!!! and is my impetus to get on the diet. Winter clothes always looks better when I'm thinner...