Sunday, September 30, 2012


3 things that made me happy today despite trying to get over a nasty cold (insert sniffle here). 
Number one on my short list, books that every fashion loving girl cannot live without. A book of "Must haves in your closet" and a book of "What you don't have to have to look fabulous". Both beautifully illustrated and mostly illustrations (because I really don't have War and Peace kind of reading time.)


Secondly, a sweater that just makes me smile every time I look at it. Part cheeky - part French... All love. I see this with black shorts, stockings, boots and a chic scarf- strolling around New York City... with a hot cup of Espresso in my hand of course!  French Hen Sweater
Third, the Sunshine! After so many days of on and off rain it was lovely to see and feel the sun on my skin. It made getting dressed in the morning very easy. A crisp white shirt, a flowy skirt and some flats- and I was on my way.
What made you happy today?