Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall to Pieces...

So it's not unusual to mourn the passing of another Summer, the idea of vacation, sand, sunshine-
welcoming Fall can be a little tough- September in New York carries mixed feelings.  The mood is usually strong but somber- I noticed though that with this September in particular- there was a "Push Forward" kind of spirit.  Nothing will be forgotten but the city and it's people feel stronger with each passing year.  And so, with the fleeting of hot temperatures, pretty little dresses to go with pretty little sandals... the idea of cool mornings, wrapping in warm fabrics and crackling fires overtakes the images of prior. And like it or not- here we are- less than 2 weeks to the official start of the Fall season. 

However, the more I think about crisp Autumn afternoons, walking the streets of New York in flat riding boots and sipping on salted caramel hot cocoa...I can't help but get a little flutter in my stomach.  New York Fashion week stirs up a frenzy of excitement.  Trees are changing their leaves- Fall colors are taking over. 

So here's to luxurious coats, cozy scarves and printed stockings.  Chunky knits, warm boots and cool gloves. These all make for an exciting fashion season to come...There is just something magical about New York City in the Fall. 

Fall 2012



1. Black and Gold Brocade Dress 2. Military & Peplum in a darling Coat 3. Anything "Motorcycle jacket" inspired 4. A Red number that will stop them in their tracks 5. A western style bootie 6. A sparkly box clutch for an evening out or to dress up a blazer and jeans

Many more Fall inspirations to come...
Till next time


  1. So many great pieces!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks Jennifer and thank you for your support! Great blog by the way! ;)