Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mi Amore

So my tanned and sunburned skin is in desperate need of a little R & R... enter Amore Pacific.  (My parched skin thanks you).

Amore Pacific was born on the magnificent Jeju Island off the coast of Korea. It's founder, Sung-Hwan Suh, believed in the power of potent asian botanicals such as green tea, red ginseng and bamboo. All natural ingredients that nourishe skin on a deeper level.

The genius behind it? If you have oily skin it will regulate your oil production, and if you are dry it will pump up your moisture levels. Not only that- working on a genetic level, they've isolated the 3 genes that cause aging!  The only cosmetic company in the world known to cultivate and harvest their own green tea fields and extract ECGC which is the strongest antioxidant on the planet. They are on the cutting edge of skincare technology-  this skincare works from the inside out.

And the verdict? My skin is nourished, moist and happy.  Time to rebuild and move forward into the Fall.  No more sun baking for me.  It's time for a little... AMORE...

The Dream Team
To read more about all the products here visit Amore Pacific
In the meantime- these three below are my "can't live withouts..."
Nourishes, hydrates and helps to restore skin to appear radiant and youthful
(Perfect for parched skin... ahem)
Age defying eye creme restores with microfluidics technology
and alleviates the appearance of darkness and puffiness in the delicate eye area
(Need I say more??)
A delicate mist that provides immediate and longlasting hydration
(One of my faves for before moisturizer and for refreshing throughout the day)
P.S....I'm Hooked....
Till next time

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