Monday, September 17, 2012

Stud Muffin

The "Signature Look" for Fall- STUDS.  All over the runways and all over the streets.  If you can't handle too much of it at once you can utilize your studs on jewelry, handbags or just on the pockets of sweaters and jeans.  Part biker chic, part rocker dud- but you don't have to be a bad girl to rock this look.  You can actually look quite like the lady...after all- doesn't every girl need a STUD in her life? ...(wink)

Inspiration: Ladylike Rocker- Valentino "Noir" Pump

1. Studded Clutch   2. Studded Faux Leather Bracelet  3. Studded Iphone Case 
 4. Studded Tank    5. Studded Ballet flat  6. Studded Bootie

Till next time Studs!


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