Sunday, October 7, 2012

Indian Summer in the City

So I wanted to spend what I thought to be the last 80 degree days walking the streets of beautiful New York City.  I started Friday downtown and made my way uptown on Saturday for a tour through The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and citygoers were beings their typical fabulous selves.  First off, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District on Saturday.  I was amazed to see how much green I actually came across while walking along the Hudson River.  For a minute, you forgot where you were- staring out into the river, sea gulls floating and boats whizzing by.  But here in Chelsea, you can transport yourself to another place in your head.  What is not to love?  Chelsea Piers, Chelsea Market and don't forget the close proximity to other cool neighborhoods.   We had lunch at Serafina and the most delicious foccacia bread with mozzerella cheese and tomatoes.  There is something about Gansevoort Street that just makes me happy.  I don't know if it's the cobblestones, the cool shops- did I mention the huge DVF store???  The Highline just keeps getting better and better.  Too many other cool spots in Meatpacking to talk about- we will have to save those for another post!

Next up- Uptown.  What I love about 5th Avenue - is 5th Avenue.  Endless fabulous stores, Central Park and the dream of one day living there...Heaven on 5th.  The Met never ceases to please.  So much to learn and look at.  There was not enough time.  Mental note- must make more museum trips. 

We had the loveliest lunch at a little cafe Via Quadronno on 73rd Street.  I had my favorite salad- Insalata Braccio di Ferro (fresh baby leaf spinach, shaved artichoke hearts with Parmigiano).  The brownstones on these streets are dreamy.  Can you imagine living in a three story brownstone and your neighbor being the Ralph Lauren Home Store?  Yep.  Well someone does.

All in all- it was a wonderful weekend. I am actually still recovering from it today- nothing like trying to get over being sick and spending your weekend walking for miles.  But I am not complaining- I will take the setback...Because it was the perfect way to spend the last moments of Indian Summer...

Serafina Meatpacking District
(image courtesy of google)
A beautiful view around Chelsea Piers
Hudson River Park
The sweetest sight- Bird Houses on 23rd Street
Via Quadronno on the Upper East Side
(image courtesy of google)
My favorite part of The Met: The Giftshops!
FYI- this is the Book for NYC lovers...
Until we meet again....


  1. You found some of my favorite sights and showed a few more too! xxoo

  2. Nine cent girl don't you just love
    New York?