Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snow Day

There is something about snow falling that makes you feel like a kid again... (minus the fact that you have to still get up and go to work, warm up and clean your car, watch out for idiot drivers on the road)...ok so maybe now snow is more of a headache than a pleasure. However,  it's also a good reason to bring out the cute hats and gloves and all the other fabulous snow essentials.

And just like falling snow can be so pretty (watching snuggled up from inside your home of course) - getting fashionably dressed and snow ready can be just as pretty too.

1. Mixed Material Gloves  2. A comfy wool coat to run around in  3. Something in velvet 
4. A faux fur snood    5.  Booties to play in  6. A cheeky sweater
Stay snuggled

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shoe Shame

Priorities, bills, food. These are things we need to set aside the bulk of our paychecks for. So the voice in my head tells me. However, the little voice screaming from my heart is saying entirely different things. LOUBOUTIN, BLAHNIK, CHOO...I know what I should be spending my money on. Why is it such a battle within my heart? And more importantly - why do I suffer the dreaded Shoe Shame? You know - Shoe Shame- that guilty feeling for not only spending an obscene amount of money on shoes that you should not have spent, but (worsethe desire for it. And wondering what others would think if they knew? Would they think I was selfish?  Crazy?  A shopaholic?  (Well...we kind of established that already haven't we?)  Seriously though.  There are some people that are trying to pay their rent, mortgage, insurance, etc... and others are shopping needlessly - frivolously.  It does not feel right or even fair.   And trust me - I am one of the ones who should NOT be spending frivolously. 

So I am being a better person.  A big girl I say, and instead of buying - I am dreaming...and you know what?  I learned that if I stare long and hard enough, I can almost feel the heels on my feet, see them living in their pretty little boxes in my closet.  You know, like how they say you can lose your desire for junk food if you imagine yourself gorging on it?  Yeah it sort of like that.  It kind of works...Because then I think about all the other shoes sitting in my closet, some who have not seen the light of day in months.  So I think to myself...I don't have to have these, they are just going to add to my closet collection.  And the amazing starts to happen.  I start to rethink my desire and I focus my attention elsewhere.  Snap out of it.  There are more important things in life than shoes!!!  And I almost don't feel the need to buy.

(Almost...) I'm really working on it.

Manolo Blahnik Crystal BB Satin Pumps


Jimmy Choo Abel Pump


Christian Louboutin Pluminette
Satin Platform Sandals
P.S. For those who cannot relate to this post, please don't judge.
                     There are shoe addicts all around you.
                             You just don't know it...
                                    Till next time


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make Me Over

One of the perks of working with cosmetics is getting to know the best of the brands.  The best for your money and the best of the up and coming.  These are goods you want in your medicine cabinets, your nightstands and on your vanities.  If not for function, just for the sheer delight of it.

1.  An instant EYE LIFT  2. BATH Gel yummy enough to eat  3. A Spa retreat for your SKIN  4.  A sexy looking Candle   5.  A funky EYESHADOW palette  6.  Make HIM over 


Stay beautiful

Friday, November 16, 2012


It's amazing to me how the heart functions and heals. Both physically and figuratively.  When you lose someone it feels like waking up in the morning will be impossible. Like your heart is going to explode.   Enjoying your favorite food again, laughing, and smiling all seem like a foreign concept. Undeserved almost...because your loved one cannot share in these things either. You also fear another loss, for now you know the agony that comes with such an enormous loss.  I still shutter to think about it.  You can empathise with someone and imagine how they are feeling, but until you lose someone you love, you truly sympathize with their loss.  And with their grieving.  But as they say, life, for the most part, has to go on for those of us still living. Though mornings feel different- nighttime and sleep are never the same.
And although as years go by you are able to reminisce without falling apart, go to familiar places without feeling crushed at heart, the memory and the loss never leaves you. It's there, everyday, a presence that looms over you.  
   Flashbacks- Dad bopping up and down in the blue ocean waters, my grandfather picking tomatoes out of his garden in our backyard.  The both of them telling stories and laughing over dinner in our kitchen.  It hurts when I snap back to reality and realize they cannot be here with me. To be able to rejoice in the past I have to push through the pain.
The past is a double edged sword, the pain is a necessary evil. For it to go away means you stop thinking of your loved one.  For many of us, that simply cannot be.  And so the heart and mind seem to make a compromise.  The heart and mind shift the pain into something else so the body can cope.....gratefulness.

Grateful for the time given.
Grateful for what we shared.
Grateful for the lessons learned.
Grateful for the memories.
Grateful for where I am from.
Grateful for the love.
Puerto Rican Cookbooks and a mortar & pestle
that belonged to my father.

 Grateful for what once was....and grateful for my future - whatever it holds.
Dedicated to my Dad Louis Serrano and
Grandfather Jose Rodriguez
{Gone but never forgotten}

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Either Or

A fun way to update your wardrobe is to throw in a little splash of color...but maybe the shoes are too much, the purse is not your taste or you can't imagine yourself in a dress that color.
Maybe none of these colors are your "colors"- but you CAN do them in a nail color.  Like this:

Leading Lady                     Armed and Ready                    Trophy Wife
Red Envelope Bag                 Rugged Khaki Boots              Sheer & Teal Blouse
Sparkle either way...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Team Sohl

I normally don't post pictures of my husband for two reasons:

 1. He hates his picture taken.
 2. He doesn't want me too.

And I usually respect that... except for today.  For today we will be married 14 years. I know I don't say it enough because life just passes us by sometimes.  We get so wrapped up in making a living rather than just living.  Sometimes we really need to just stop and breathe.

With that said, he has been and continues to be a great husband, provider and best friend. He accepts me for my (shopping) habits, my undeniable love of New York, my sometimes severe OCD and well- I will just say it... My hormones. (And all I have to say to that is: Thanks for hanging in there! I think only true love would.)

So this post is dedicated to him: (Joey) and 14 years filled with love, laughter and new discoveries...and to hopefully many many more.

Our wedding day
November 8, 1998
Joey circa 2011
With much love

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cuteness Overload

So I know where I will be heading A.S.A.P...  My local Shu Uemura Counter.  If the picture below is not enough to make you go Eeek!!  Just press play.

You can find Shu Uemura here and here

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weathering The Storm

So we made it it's time to rebuild and be thankful for the little things that make us happy.  I was thinking about what I would need if I was limited to buying only a few essentials to make it through the winter and limited my price.  Staples to carry me through another storm, another power outage and a celebration when everything went back to being normal. You really learn to appreciate the basic necessities.  And you realize how spending more than you have to is a luxury that should not be taken lightly.  Many cannot spend now because they are trying to recover what was lost.  Sometimes you have to learn to be content.  And sometimes when you do want something new, it feels good to be frugal, and get a great deal.  You don't have to sacrifice style though if you want to pay less.  You just have to do a little research.  You can always accomplish the look for less.

This is my Winter Essentials List Under $200:

1. A cozy fair isle sweater  2. A great parka  3. A fab pair of  go-to booties  4.  A cool pair of sunnies (the bigger the better) 5. Heels that dress up everything   6. A great carryall
Stay warm friends