Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Inspired by} The Notebook

Whenever I catch TheNotebook on TV I am trapped. It doesn't matter at what point it's on, how many times I've seen it, it just reels me in. It's one of my favorites, along with every other chick on earth.  It's timeless, and it takes you on a lovely journey with the scenery, the time period and of course the clothes.  Nothing like love and fashion...

My favorite line? When Noah writes Allie his last letter:
 "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul..."



1.  A dress in Rachel Red   2. A girlie sweater to throw over your shoulders  3. A retro look reminiscent of old Charleston, SC  4.  Flats to run to your love in  5. A vintage inspired bag 
6. A necklace from way back when
Till next time lovers...


  1. I seriously must be the only woman on the planet who has NOT watched this film... okay, okay, I'll remedy that... xxoo