Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The warmer months are getting my creative juices going.  I'm feeling inspired to travel, inspired to try new things, and of course, inspired to explore new looks.  There's something to the whole vintage Summer vibe.  Old cars, old movies in the park and throwback songs from a long, long time ago. 
Along with that, the easiest way to be chic in the Summer is to go with the "retro lady look" a la Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe and my favorite- Audrey Hepburn.  Bows tying back your hair, floral skirts and light cotton cardis.  Perfect for cool evening walks, ice cream cones and bike rides along the beach.    I think of when my mom was a girl, what she would have worn and who she would have styled her wardrobe after. 

I'm going after classic 60's with a modern twist.  You can own the look and go all in if you dare or just add a retro piece to what you're wearing to change things up.  Feeling nostalgic?


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